ENI I-Ride Racing offroad 10W50 1ltr

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Eni i-Ride racing offroad 10W-50 is an innovative lubricant with top synthetic formula set up and developed to meet the lubrication requirements of technology advanced 4-stroke engines that are fitted in off-road motorcycles. The exclusive formulation of the Eni i-Ride racing offroad 10W-50 has characteristics that offer maximum performance even in the presence of particularly high stresses such as engines subjected to “Off-Road” use.

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• The highly accurate selection of the raw materials that form Eni i-Ride racing offroad
10W-50 makes it possible to achieve the best lubrication conditions of all the mechanical
parts of the engine under any extreme driving conditions.
• The formulation of Eni i-Ride racing offroad 10W-50 is designed to offer the perfect
operation of oil immersed clutches even under limited engagements and disengagements,
as required in an off-road use.
• The particular additivation selected for Eni i-Ride racing offroad 10W-50 is capable of
ensuring a good engine detergency, in particular it has characteristics that allow efficient
control of the formation of deposits areas submitted to high temperature.
• Eni i-Ride racing offroad 10W-50 has properties which effectively counteract the
occurrence of wear in any condition of use



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